Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Review No. 1: Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread

This product claims that it "tastes, spreads and bakes like rich butter." I haven't tried baking it, and it's hard to spread it since it's supposed to be refrigerated, but I can tell you that it definitely doesn't TASTE anything like butter. That's okay, though, because I wasn't expecting an amazing flavor. It tastes just dandy for margarine, and I like that it's completely non-hydrogenated and that all the oils are expeller-pressed. And 100% vegan means there's no sneaky little milk proteins hiding in here! B+


Laura said...

I bake with coconut oil. It is liquid(ish) at room temperature so it acts a lot like butter. You can also use Fleischman's unsalted sticks or Fleishman's light in the tub. Those are the ONLY two that are dairy/soy free.

the mama said...

i love that you're doing this!

btw... there was some scary review on coconut oil a year or two ago... i'll research it and let you know. my MIL got all excited about 4 years ago because there were reports saying that coconut oil was aiding in weight loss. later they pulled that statement because it was actually causing problems.

however, i would imagine that in small quantities or if it's just used for cooking, it would probably be fine.