Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Exploring the World of Faux Food

Yesterday afternoon, I went shopping. My objective: locate non-dairy foods that claim to be dairy-like and determine the accuracy of said claims. I read labels carefully, and was not pleased to discover that many of these products contained casein. I decided that, since Felicity seemed fine when I had a little butter on my toast, I would try products that listed casein as "2 percent or less."

When I got to the checkout, I realized I had forgotten to read the label on my pretend cheddar, which, I then discovered, contained a notable amount of milk solids. If you could/wanted to consume milk solids, wouldn't you just buy real cheese? The only reason I can imagine for eating soy cheese that still has milk in it is masochism.

So, after returning the cheese to the "dairy" case, I purchased my soy yogurt, soy sour cream, buttery vegetable oil spread, soy pudding, rice milk, and coffee creamer and headed home to put them to the test! You can look forward to my product reviews in the future, if that's the sort of thing you look forward to...

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Laura said...

Oh my goodness - that is my pet peeve about the fake cheeses! Why on EARTH would anyone voluntarily eat that awful stuff?! Unfortunately there is no good substitute for cheese. Very sad. i am eagerly anticipating my first taste of cheese very soon!!!!