Friday, March 14, 2008

The things that girl says...

Last week, at Mike's Drive-In:

"Bite, mommy?"

"Okay, here you go."

[I give Ariel a bite of my chocolate Oreo milkshake]

"Is it yummy?"

[She pats the spot in front of her with her palm]

"Put right here on table?"

Nice try, cutie! You're not getting it all!


Two days ago, as I held her in my lap, wearing a low-cut dress:

[Ariel pokes my chest]

"One! Two! Two boobs! One... one, two! Two boobs!"

[Leans back and looks at them]

"NICE boobs!"

Uh... thanks. Where did that come from??


A few minutes ago, as she played with one of Felicity's toys:

[Ariel points at an image]


"It's a plane."


"It's not a horsey, it's a plane!"


"How is it a horsey? It's a plane!"

"Silly mommy!"

Okay, now she's just being condescending...

Monday, March 10, 2008


Ariel's new thing is to pour water out of her Sigg bottle and play with it, which she knows is not okay.

She was playing with some stacking cups a few minutes ago, and I warned her, "Don't pour your water into the cups!"

A few minutes later, there was water in the cups and on the carpet.

"Ariel! I told you no! No putting your water in the cups! That's naughty! Can you say sorry?"

She looked at me, smacked her little behind, and said cheerily, "I spank-a bottom!"

She's oh-so-helpful, isn't she?