Sunday, September 16, 2007

I like cheese

So, Felicity has been having very broken-out, red skin and screaming a lot, and Peggy (my lactation consultant) said that it may be an allergy to something that I'm eating. On Friday, I started an allergen-free diet. Read: no DAIRY, CHOCOLATE, soy, eggs, wheat, peanut butter, or corn. It seemed like Felicity was cheerier Friday and Saturday, but Saturday night she was cranky again as well as this afternoon.

Well, this afternoon was a small Mary Kay party at Robin's house, and she served wine along with various cheeses. After drooling for awhile (and probably annoying everyone at the party with my out-loud arguments with myself), I decided to go ahead and have some and see what happened. And dang nabbit, that was some good cheese!

I was greeted with this when I got home this evening:

Two of my favorite people having a wonderful time playing together! It's great how much Dan enjoys Ariel. They really have become best buddies, especially lately. Apparently, Ariel put her daddy's hat on backwards all by herself. She's got a real sense of style!

I've nursed Felicity twice since coming home this evening, and each time, her face has gone from relatively clear to this:

So.... I think she's allergic to dairy. Which totally sucks, because dairy is pretty much my life. I have to "run a few more tests" to be sure, but I really don't know what I'm going to do if this turns out to be the case. It doesn't seem like there's a good answer. Give up dairy? I'll be so miserable! Wean Felicity? I'd feel guilty forever! Eat dairy anyway? I'd be torturing my kid!

If anyone knows some really good substitute dairy products, please post brand names and where to get them in the comments section!


Laura said...

Hey Jenni,

Sophia had terrible terrible food intolerances and I had to give up EVERYTHING (EVERY. THING.) for a long long time. The hardest part was the first step of giving up dairy and soy, though. It's very overwhelming.

Keep in mind that it will take about 72 hours STRICTLY dairy-free to start seeing any consistent change, and then 10-14 days for the dairy to completely clear your system. So hang in there and don't cheat!

Please please email me if you have any questions or need some commiseration. I've totally been there and I have lots of recipes and ideas for how to cope. :)

bean & sprout's rep. said...

okay, jen...

i commit to give up dairy and wheat with you. you are one of probably two people i would do this for, so just know i love you a hell-a lot.

this could be good for loads of health reasons- and not just for F.

if it's good for your baby, then do it. you're going to need loads and loads of support, but you'll find it (i'll help you). sheelagh is going to call you today and she's got loads of info. you can totally do this and you can do it without having hard feelings towards F and without feeling overly deprived. i'm in it with you.

let me know when we start. xoxo

Jenni said...

I don't think she's allergic to wheat because I had toast for breakfast this morning and she's been fine. I think it's just the dairy. I'm thinking I'll go off dairy for maybe 2 weeks? Then try again, and if the same thing happens then go back off and try again every few months to see if she's outgrown it.

I'm brainstorming what I can do for dairy substitutes. If it's JUST dairy, rather than everything, it will definitely be easier than the last few days were. I'm thinking I can buy non-dairy creamer for my coffee and either use a milk-free hot cocoa mix in it or switch to adding vanilla or pumpkin spice as a flavoring. I could probably develop a taste for rice milk in my cereal. The main thing is how to satisfy the urge for creamy solids like cheese and yogurt. I'll have to check out the non-dairy aisle of Freddies and see what might be edible...

I look forward to hearing from Sheelagh! And it's so sweet of you to quit dairy with me, although please feel free to back out if you change your mind! I'm not going to wean her - don't worry!

GranolaGirl said...

I had to go off dairy for my nursing daughter too-- it stinks!! I would have hot chocolate _every_morning for breakfast... and I LOVE oreos and milk... and I make a killer homemade mac n cheese! But we've been okay, and Ruth is so much happier. It's almost been 2 months now, but I'm wondering if I really have to stay off dairy the entire time I'm nursing? How's it going for you?