Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dan has been teaching Ariel to count. He says each number, 1-10, and she repeats it. They both enjoy this a lot, and it has become a special game between them.

The other day I opened the cupboard and told Dan, "We have SEVEN cans of tuna!"

Dan turned to Ariel. "Ariel, there are SEVEN cans!"

"Eight!" she exclaimed. That was pretty cool.

Then in the car yesterday, Dan was counting with her again:

Dan: "One"
Ariel: "No" (that's how she says "one")
Dan: "Two"
Ariel: "Two"
Dan: "Three"
Ariel" "Four, five, six, TEN!"

Wow, I thought. She's learning fast.

Tonight, I gave her some kitchen utensils to play with. She was banging them around a minute ago, then turned and looked up at me, excited.

"Spoon!" she said, holding up a wooden spoon. "Spoon," this time holding up a teaspoon.

"Yeah," I said. "They're both spoons!"

And then came the words that blew me away: "Two spoons."

Dan and I looked at each other in amazement! She really is catching on!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A little songbird

We've been having the pleasure of listening to Ariel sing today. I heard her mumble something while getting her down from her highchair, and she followed it with "hey, hey, hey." The "hey"s were evenly spaced, which made me suspect that she was singing something.

Then again - "Uh um uh-bar, hey, hey, hey."

"Ariel? Are you singing the umbrella song?"

"Hmm. Uh um uh-bar..."

For those of you who haven't spent a lot of time around Ariel lately, "hmm" means "yes." I think she learned it from me, I'm sorry to say. And the song in question is Umbrella by Rihanna, or, in this case, covered by Marie Digby, because that's the version that we listen to on the radio in the car. "Uh um uh-bar" is her attempt at the words "under my umbrella." Apparently I'm not the only one with this song stuck in my head, because we caught her singing it a couple times.

We were also able to prompt her to sing it to us this evening as we drove home, and it was far more lovely than listening to the radio.

I wish I had a video for you, but our camera isn't working, and, even if it was, there's no way that she would perform for it. I wish I could catch each precious moment and save them forever, but Ariel keeps me living life instead of recording it, because I know that pulling out a camera always puts an end to the special moments. She touches my heart a hundred times a day, and all I have to rely on is my already fading memories of each moment. It makes me feel sad and insufficient, knowing that I am incapable of preserving something so precious. Her life runs like water in a faucet, rushing down the drain of time, and though I put my hands out to catch it, I can hold so little and it slips through the cracks in my fingers.

All great joys are bittersweet. I guess that's what keeps us hoping for heaven.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Smarty Pants

I just turned to Dan and said, "How about I nurse Felicity and we watch some... whaddayacallit." From her perch in his arms, Ariel called, "Office?" I have no idea how she knew that.

Honestly, I am kinda creeped out by this. I mean, we had only mentioned a couple of times this evening that we were going to watch it. We said it to each other in passing, and we hadn't said it immediately before this incident. Also, it's not like all we do is watch The Office, or like Ariel usually watches it with us. Furthermore, she is only 20 months old. What the heck??? I feel how you might feel if you had a foreign exchange student in your home for a month before one day finding out that they understood English perfectly. Um, how much have you understood all along?

Here she is reading Green Eggs and Ham with her daddy. She like to read this to herself, too. The first three pages (which say, "I am Sam," "I am Sam," and "Sam I am") are "I Sam!" "I Sam!" "I Sam!" Then they all say "[mumble mumble] Sam!" The last page, which reads "Thank you, Thank you, Sam-I-am!" is read "Tanks!"

She's so cute! Dang!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A little reminder...

...of why I'm still reading every label in the store, and why I don't mind the inconvenience all that much:

Review No. 5: Almond Breeze Chocolate "Milk"

Finally something that tastes almost the same - and almost as good - as it's dairy counterpart! Chocolate Almond Breeze is slightly thinner than real chocolate milk, and it has a light aftertaste that it took me all of 30 seconds to get used to. It's actually good to drink plain! I haven't tried it in coffee, yet, but I'm optimistic! A+